In Ponderance of Possession

In June 2010 I completed her Arangetram  – a debut solo performance in the classical South Indian dance form of Bharata Natyam – after years of hard work and 12 months of focussed training at the Chandrabhanu Bharatalaya School of Classica Indian Dance. This piece, published in Ondru – Rising Movement of Arts & Literature, explores the spiritual experience of this performance and delves into the notion of possession as the root of creative expression.

“It is dark backstage and there is a draught. In the corridor behind the curtains, I stand in wait, watching intently as the musicians take their seats. Pale faces peer at me from the wings, smiling in assurance – calm, yet anxious. A hush falls across the room. The singer’s voice pierces the air as the orchestra follows in.”

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The Sun

I don’t know how to shine, said the Sun.
Perhaps I’ll just fade away.
Or explode into a million stars,
And drift beyond the Milky Way.

I don’t know how to beam, She said.
Or smile, or glow, or blaze.
Perhaps I’ll lie beyond these clouds,
And hover a golden haze.

I don’t know how to rise, She wept.
From the weight of the world that I bear.
Perhaps I’ll remain in darkness.
For who would really care?

And so She hid from day’s break,
And noon and dusk did pass.
In silent mourn, as colours ceased,
And shadows lay uncast.

The ground grew cold and flowers dropped,
Their petals hanging low,
And though the rain fell, without Her love,
The seedlings could not grow.

Without Her touch the earth was left,
In a sorrow grey abode,
And people could not find the strength,
To watch the day unfold.

But Heaven peered upon this tale,
And reached down with gossamer hands,
To cradle the Sun and kiss Her brow,
And raise Her upon the lands.

And as Her face drew to the sky,
She realized that this was Her place,
And the Earth exhaled and raised its eyes,
To bathe in Her warm embrace.