I am a Melbourne-based writer and performer who often ponders the ways of magic and chaos in the world. ‘Nithya’ is Sanskrit for eternal; infinite; ever-lasting; omnipresent. The fray of which I write is the fray between worlds; between dimensions; between selves; between forms; between ‘time’. My contemplation of these ideas have lead me to explore a range of creative and existential mediums. I am curious about the source and experience of identity, the embodiment of our manifold complexities, freedom, evolution, transcendence; all of it. Sometimes, words, images and sounds well up inside me and spill out when I least expect it, and sometimes they don’t. All of this, all of my Self, I am still learning.

I am a howling woman,
Born of dust and bone beneath a burning sun,

The dirt beneath my feet seeped in marrow,
As I disappear endlessly into the earth,
To rise again and again in the wind.
– n


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If you’re interested in arts review you can see my contributions to the wonderful Asian-Australian arts and culture mag, Peril Magazine