BLACK BIRD – embodied poetry.


Image: John E Photography


An exploration of the nexus of words and movement.
The language of the mind and mouth, meet the language of the body.
Meaning made by sounds, words and movement.
Dance which is literally lyrical
And poetry that is literally moving.
Sign language for the whole body.
Stories for all the senses.

Debut performance of BLACK BIRD – A collaborative performance piece with Luna Ma Narama.

Cecil Street Studios,
December 6th
66 Cecil Street, Brunswick


Hybrid Continent – El Beso De La Tierra, RMIT Storey Hall 25.9.2015

HYBRID CONTINENT (Continente Mestizo)
Contemporary Dance Performance/Ritual
Hybrid Continent ‘Continente Mestizo’ is a creative contemporary dance performance ‘Ritual’, fertile by our cultural heritage as contemporary Australians that celebrate the diverse cultural hybrids developing in our society. Inspired by AMA (Australian Multicultural Alliance) Inc. Art Director, Kathleen Gonzalez. The Hybrid Continent ‘Continente Mestizo’ showcases the sacred elements that preserve life (earth, water, wind, fire and ether) as our original essence. The Dance/Ritual explores themes such as identity, femininity, the universality of human beliefs and opportunities.





Andasha – Performance with Yarna Tribe at Regrowth Festival February 2015

Yarna aims to bring new myths into being, and to perform them as  accessible and  playful maps that can be lead back to the heart, and back to Spirit. As we perform we also act in our capacities as healers, holding space and allowing safe and sacred space for hearts and imaginations to unfurl. All myths are written, designed and choreographed by members of the collective.

ANDASHA is a story celebrating awakening, the genesis of life, and exploring our relationship with the Sun and Moon. This is a two part performance, both parts lasting approx. 1 hour. Early in the day the women of the tribe gather those who will listen and tell the great tale of woe that is ANDASHA, while two ceremonial dancers passionately and colourfully enact the myth.

At sunset the ceremonial procession is performed. A spectacle of movement and sound, the tribe walk with a great, sacred beast, performing a ceremony as old as their people. Once there was a time before the light when a great love and a great sadness birthed the Sun and the Moon to fill the darkness with life and movement. To honour the gift of life, and to repent the act of violence that separated the lovers across the sky, the Priests and Priestesses of the tribe walk the landscape endlessly, carrying messages between the two celestial bodies. You can read the full story of Andasha here


With voices and drums, they sing the songs of worship and creation, while two dancers weave amongst the procession, performing the myth as it has been handed down generation to generation.   

Those who witness the procession are gifted with blessings and tokens and invited to join the ceremony, blessing the earth and trees as they are passed.

The tribe for ANDASHA includes

LUNA MA NARAMA – Shamanic Practicioner, Performer and creator

KAEL LOOF – Shamanic Practitioner and Performer and creator

SAM WELLS, Shamanic Practitioner, Performer

NITHYA IYER -Bharatanatyam dancer, Reiki  and movement meditation practitioner

DEVIKA BILIMOIRA – Bharatanatyam dancer, visual artist

TIM HEMSLEY – Imagination enthuiast, Performer

HEATHER MAY – Heart Space defender, Performer

LEASHY LOO COOPER- Reiki Practicioner, Intuitive healer, Performer

IZZY IVY – Reiki practicioner,  Intuitive healer, Performer

TOBIUS RAPHAEL MILLAR- Visionary, Healer, Performer


Navagraha: The Planets of Destiny, Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, July 2014


Originally conceived by Dr Chandrabhanu for the Bharatam Dance Company, George Fairfax Theatre, 1991 and 1994, Navagraha has been revived for a new generation.

The feature length work presents nine original pieces depicting the stories of the nine planets as written in Vedic scripture. Performed by the Jambudvipa Ensemble, Navagraha is a most challenging and innovative choreographic creation in Bharata-Natyam, the great powerful dance-form of the ancient temples of Southern India.

Navagraha is supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission and Multicultural Arts Victoria.


Mariamman, Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, 2013

A new feature-work by renowned artistic director and choreographer Dr Chandrabhanu and the Jambudvipa Ensemble.

Mariamman, known as ‘the goddess for all people’. A symbol of women’s empowerment and equal rights, Mariamman is an icon of human rights. As the goddess of land and terrain, the story of Mariamman will aim to highlight the importance of environmental consciousness during a time of climate change, and as the goddess of diseases, will emphasise the need for health and well-being and caring for one another. The production also pays homage to four other key goddesses in the Hindu pantheon: Durga, the warrior goddess of protection and justice; Lakshmi, the goddess of fertility, the earth and auspiciousness; Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and the arts; and Kali, the goddess of eternal time and change. This production aims to show that the themes of these goddesses are universal and can be shared by people from all walks of life.

Performed at Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre with the support of the Darebin City Council, the Victorian Multicultural Commission and Multicultural Arts Victoria.